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Land Survey Instruments

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Prismatic Compass

Price: 100-7000 INR/Piece

Raw Material: Brass Compass Tripod: Height Adjustable Cover for Prismatic: Fiber Cover Cover for Stand: Canvas Cover

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Mini Prism With 4 Poles

Price: 100-7000 INR/Piece

Material Of Poles: Aluminium Alloy Diameter Of Poles: 12mm REFLEX and ANTI REFLEX COATING on POLES 4 poles with alternating red and white bands on 10cm each PRISM SIZE 25.4mm or 1 Mini Prism (Imported)

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Metal Clamps - Set of 12

Price: 100-7000 INR/Piece

Surface Finish: Powder Coated Storage: Canvas Cover Best for: Parallel Motion Scale, DIY Projects

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Tamping Rod Or Bar

Price: 100-7000 INR/Piece

Length: 24 (60cm) Diameter: 5/8 (16mm) Raw Material: Steel (Zinc/Nickel Plated)

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Auto Level With Staff Tripod

Price: 100-7000 INR/Piece

Auto level: SokkiaB40A (With Original Calibration Certificate) Staff: 5 Metres Stand: Adjustable Height Aluminum Tripod

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Auto Level

Price: 100-7000 INR/Piece
  • Usage:Leveling
  • Supply Ability:500 Per Day
  • Delivery Time:2- 6 Days
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Tripod Stand for Auto level

Price: 100-7000 INR/Piece

Raw Material: Aluminum Height: Adjustable Lock: Dual Model ID: SA1200 Parts: Die Cast Parts FREE: Heavy Canvas Cover


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